Art & Printing Information

Our short-run printing program consists of hot stamping, ink printing, and PMS color matching. The process is a handfed, delicate procedure and printing quality can vary, so for the best results, please keep the following in mind:

  • All laminated or gloss-finish products should only be hot-stamped
  • Avoid logos with fine lines, halftones, and reverse printing
  • Send artwork in black and white Illustrator files
  • Electronic Art Submission

    Art should be submitted via email to or via FTP (email for FTP access). When submitting your artwork, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

    • Please send copies of all files used; when sending, be sure to reference the sales and/or customer service rep in charge of the account, your name, the name of your company, and a contact number where you can be reached.
    • While we prefer files set up in Illustrator or InDesign in vecotrized art, we cannot accept artwork in Microsoft Office formats, or in programs designed for publishing or photo touch-ups
    • Art in PDF format can be accepted, but ensure that all fonts are not embedded and supply all linked files, which must be able to be opened in Illustrator
    • For multi-color jobs, please do not use the automatic trap feature where colors overlap - please allow us to trap your art
  • Hot Stamp Post Printing

    For hot-stamping artwork, please supply black and white, line art, bitmapped images (NOT Grayscale) and preferably 1200 dpi. We can convert a scan prepared to these specfications to a vector file. Lower resolutions and color submitted files will require additional art time and charges will apply. Again, vector files have the best reproductive capability for Flexo and Hot Stamp printing.

  • Ink Printing

    For ink-printing artwork, we prefer Illustrator files. If this is not possible, please supply your best resolution logo so it can be converted to a vector file. Additional art charges will be applicable.

Finally, all submited artwork is subject to our review. Any artwork that needs to be modified will incur additional art charges at $88.25/hour. All artwork requires proofs, which are $44.13.